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      Crochet Alongs

      Crochet Terms UK vs US

      It is always important to make sure you know what terms your crochet pattern is written in.  Although terminology is the same or similar in both patterns written in UK terms verses US terms, they are different.

      The Sweet Blossom Blanket CAL Pattern is written in UK terms.

      You can use this table as a reference.  We will update this table with terms as needed.

      UK Terms US Terms
      DK - Double Knitting Yarn
      dc - double crochet Single Crochet
      htr - half treble Half Double Crochet
      tr - treble Double Crochet


      Notes on Videos

      Video #2 - If you would like this guide emailed to you as a PDF please email us at


      Video #1 -- We are watching the video and working on these notes.  Please check back later for details.  If you would like this guide emailed to you as a PDF please email us at

      Sweet Blossom CAL Information for Particpants

      Sweet Blossom CAL Information for Particpants

      THANK YOU for participating in this fun and beautiful Sweet Blossom Blanket CAL! 


      Sue spotted an error in your Puff Stitch pattern so she’s given us some really simple solutions to keep your stitch count correct. If you have ...
      ... not started Puff Stitch: download the revised pattern below or, if you’re raring to continue, simply miss the first treble after the 3 chain (that’s the only pattern change).
      ... started but not completed Puff Stitch: simply miss the skipped stitch after the last Puff Stitch and then work one treble into the last stitch.
      ... completed Puff Stitch and discover that you now have 133 stitches: simply double crochet decrease (double crochet 2 sts together ) on row 186 before the V Stitch rows. 
      ... completed V Stitch: don’t worry about a thing, you’re all done!

      We are so grateful that you purchased your kit from us, and so excited to have so many new members in our Untangled Purls Community!  Welcome.


      Meet the designer:

      Inspiration for the design:

      Make yourself a shade card:


      IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Pattern is written in UK terms which differ than those used in the US.   The difference between terms is noted in the "Stitches & Abbreviations" section of the pattern.  You can also go HERE for a pattern cheat sheet and video notes. 

      Sirdar & Sweetpea Family Crochet will be releasing the pattern and video tutorials once a week starting on Wednesday, April 21st.  You can use this link to get your free patterns and tutorials each week:


      As an added bonus, for those that purchased kits from us, we are offering a free zoom-together Mondays starting April 26th, 6pm to 7pm EST.  This is time to crochet along with our community and ask questions if needed.  The tutorials from Sweetpea Family Crochet will teach you all the stitches, and we're here to reassure you!  If you need this link, please email


      If you are on Facebook, you might consider joining the even larger community crocheting along together.  To join the Sirdar Crochet Along Facebook Group click this link:

      Please share your kit pictures, in progress pictures, and of course finished blanket on Facebook & Instagram.  Please tag @untangledpurls, @sirdar, @sweetpeafamilycrochet, #sirdarCAL, #Sweetblossomblanket


      Sweet Blossom CAL a CAL for ALL

      Sweet Blossom CAL a CAL for ALL

      If you are still unsure about participating in the Sirdar & Sweetpea Family Crochet Along, take a few minutes to watch this introduction video.

      This CAL is for beginners and advanced corcheters alike.  The designer will provide video tutorials to teach you each stitch.  And we at Untangled Purls will be providing a zoom-along for those that purchase a kit from us, to answer any questions you might have.  Or to just crochet along with the community.

      Click Here to watch the Sweet Blossom Blanket - Sirdar CAL - Introduction.  You will join Sirdar and Sue from Sweetpea Family to Crochet Along the Sweet Blossom Blanket, in Hayfield Bonus DK, in delicious pretty pastel shades, textured stitches and deep border all designed by Sue.

      Sirdar Sweet Blossom Blanket Crochet Along

      Sirdar Sweet Blossom Blanket Crochet Along

      Celebrate Spring with Sirdar, Sweetpea Family Crochet, and Untangled Purls!

      Sweet Blossom Blanket Crochet Along

      Participant Information Can Be Found Here: CLICK HERE

      Not participating?  Would you like to?  Keep reading.... Kit still available!

      We are so excited to be able to bring to you this crochet along with a special Untangled Purls offered zoom-along so we can all crochet it together. 

      Sue Rawlinson, the crochet maven behind Sweetpea Family Crochet has designed a beautiful new blanket for her first crochet along with Sirdar.  The Sweet Blossom Blanket, in Hayfield's Bonus DK, features a signature deep boarder and a variety of pretty stitches. 

      Crocheters can join Sue and crochet along each step of her Sweet Blossom Blanket in five weeks.  Sirdar will release a free pattern each week, together with a video in which Sue will describe each week's pattern and give step by step instructions for new stitches as they are introduced.

      Purchase a kit from Untangled Purls and we will include you in a six week Zoom-Along for you to gather with others working on this CAL.  This will be a great opportunity to connect with the community, chat, and ask questions. 

      The Sweet Blossom Blanket is a one-piece project so makers will see the beauty of the design as it grows, with no sewing at the end.  Sue's reassuring tutorials will help newer crocheters gain confidence as they crochet along.  More experienced crocheters will enjoy the relaxing, rhythmic stitching in each panel, the perfect me-time project. 

      Sue choose the Sweet Blossom Original colorway to feature her signature pastel shades with added deeper floral shades to capture the colors of spring blossoms.

      Original Sweet Blossom

      We designed four other colorways, available only through Untangled Purls.  Our hope is you find something perfect for you. 


      Ocean Blue 


      Spring Garden

      LEVEL:  Easy, a relaxing project for crocheters of all levels.

      CAL STARTS: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

      Untangled Purls ZAL Starts: Monday, April 26, 2021 from 6pm to 7pm EST.

      TECHNIQUES & STITCHES:  One-piece project crocheted in complete stripes with no sweing up.  Ten (10) stitches including double crochet, treble crochet, griddle stitch, bobbles, granny stripe, and more.

      FINISHED SIZE:  120x160cm or approx 47x63in

      YARN:  Hayfield Bonus DK, 100% Acrylic

      HOOK:  4mm & 5mm 

      PATTERN: Free weekly download and how to videos from

      KITS (Click kit name to see details and purchase): 

      Kits are no longer available oline.  However we stock all 100 colors of Bonus DK and can create a kit for you.  If you are interested in purchasing this kit, or one very similar to it, please contact us at 

      Desgined by Sirdar & Sweetpea Family Crochet:

      Original Sweet Blossom

      Exclusively from Untangled Purls:

      Ocean Blue  

      Spring Garden



       Build Your Own

      We have in stock nearly all 100 colors of Hayfield's Bonus DK, if you would like to build your own kit please contact us directly by email.