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      Keeping Up With Classes — Knitting Class

      Still not sure about taking a virtual class using ZOOM? Here is what our students have to say.

      Still not sure about taking a virtual class using ZOOM?  Here is what our students have to say.

      Ashling's "Magic Brioche" hat from class

      "I’ve taken 3 zoom classes and joined the Tuesday night knit zoom. Clear instructions, easy to follow, the overhead camera is great! You can really see close up what you’re supposed to be doing. Both Chris and Suzanne are very patient teachers and are readily available to answer any questions. I look forward to a new year of Zoom knitting.  Thank you ladies!"  ~Ashling  (Pictured is Ashling's "Magic Brioche" hat from class)



      "In May and June, I took the Edie sweater class with Chris and it was great! The camera can be angled to show exactly what her hands are doing and she's so good at explaining techniques for students who are new to them. Also, Chris was SOOO responsive! I was sitting at the park knitting and discovered a purl stitch (in a sea of stockinette) smack in the middle of the chest area. Not a good look. I took a photo and texted Chris for advice. She called me back instantly and talked me through the process of working down 25 rows (!) to fix it. Thanks to her help, I had it fixed before leaving the park that day. I've been looking forward to taking another class when I can fit it in around work!" ~Karla


      "I have taken several zoom classes with both Chris and Suzanne. They are amazing teachers who use a variety of camera angles and explanations to reach all students. By manipulating the camera angle and mirroring if necessary, they can demonstrate for both right and left handed learners. As Chris said in my last class, she leaves no knitter behind, and I know Suzanne feels the same. Best classes I have ever taken! Cannot wait to see what classes are coming up so I can learn more! " ~ Becca (Pictured is Becca's "Spark Cardigan" from class)


       "During ZOOM classes, if you have a mistake the instructor talks you through the mistake and shows you how to fix it, but you have to do the actual fixing on your side. For me - this made me a much better knitter as I had to understand the mistake and then learn to fix it myself (with coaching from the instructor). I feel like I have a much better understanding of my knitting and how to fix it whereas before I may have just handed it off and said “help, do your magic”! I’ve taken the ZOOM Building Blocks and Brioche Magic Hat classes and didn’t feel like I missed anything from taking them on-line vice in-person. Frankly due to the different camera angles, I feel like the ZOOM classes work even better than those in-person. " ~ Lori (Pictured is Lori's "Building Blocks" blanket from class)