Free Curbside Pickup by Appointment, Free Delivery Within 10mile Radius of Store, $8.00 Flat Rate USPS Shipping Fee in Continental US.
OPEN Store Hours: Wednesday 10a-6p, Thursday 10a-6p, Friday 10a-8p, Saturday 10a-6p (or by appointment, click here for more details)
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      We made it our mission in 2021 to make our community stronger.  We pledged to work with other small businesses and local charities.  We are exploring new and creative ways to support and give back to our neighbors. 


      Donate your time and knit a needed garment, we supply the yarn

      Drop off location for Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

      June 2021

      2021 Auction Fundraiser for MANARC and Paws for Purple Hearts

      March 2021

      Let's Fill Justin's Easter Basket